Cutting Funding to the Arts Will Not Silence Us

Elizabeth Dawson, Contributor

In a move that would make Nazi Germany proud, President Trump recently proposed a federal budget that would include a full and total cut to the arts. A general outcry arose amongst the art loving population. How could he cut the arts? How could he fire Elmo? It isn’t like Sesame Street parodied you for years… Grump Tower. Well, you have certainly stuck to the Big… Bird? Your vendetta is complete.  G-d forbid we have any of those free-thinking, out spoken liberal artist people running around infecting the masses with their progressive thoughts. I mean who needs art when each trip to Mar-a-Lago costs a whopping three million dollars per weekend or that your wife is spending $300 million per year just so she doesn’t have to live with you. The only art that should be celebrated is that of a painting of your Cheeto-loving-self illegally purchased by your own charity. Now that is some good art. The people do not need any culture other than that. Let them eat cake! This will fix ‘em. I mean all of the artists will collectively roll over and die just like the fake media. Right? Not so much.

What President Trump and his Republican, art-hating cronies don’t realize is that cutting the federal budget to the arts will not silence artists. For a millennia, the artists role in society has been not only to provide an aesthetic experience but also to help foster dialogue and bring important issues to the public eye. A role that will either celebrate an event in society or will call out the wrong-doing in a situation. A role becoming more crucial by the moment as our Twitler-In-Chief continues to fail in a spectacular fashion.

The artist has always understood their calling and role and have done so at great personal costs to themselves. Ever heard of starving artists? Monet and Van Gogh were one of the most famous examples of ear-munching artists in abject poverty and yet made art that is still cherished today. Banksy is a more modern example as he spends his time criticizing the world governments and he doesn’t even need to buy canvas. He just uses a random wall or two. Artists will create art whether the federal government gives them funding or not. In fact, the art may be better due to the lack of funding because great art usually comes out of great struggle. And the struggle is real. Art will be the voice of reason in this hate-mongering time.

So off with their heads! This will teach those liberal, gay-loving artists a thing or two. Marie Antoinette doesn’t provide an odious warning of what happens when wealth and spending run a muck at great cost to the people. And what will happen when this French-aristocratic philosophy gets painted in the worst of lights? We can only hope that the American People makes sure the next peaceful transfer of power transfers President Trump right out of the White House.