Note: This interview with outgoing White House Chief of Staff and former Trump gimp was conducted at 1:23am EST in Priebus West Wing office, formerly used as a janitorial closet and designated area for senior staff trysts with wide-eyed interns. Franklin, twentytwentynews.com editor-in-chief and proud Canine-American brought Priebus packing tape and boxes that he got out of the dumpster at the liquor store on K Street.


Franklin: Hey, Reince, it’s me, Franklin. I brought you some boxes and tape- why are you cowering in the corner?

Priebus: (sigh of relief) Whew! I thought you were Mr. Trump telling me to hurry up, or (gulp) do that foot message thing again. Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve got get this stuff packed up before Kelly starts…

Franklin: Don’t be afraid, you can come out. There you go. So, is Kelly going to be using this space?

Priebus: No, he gets an office with a window on the first floor. Hey, can you hand me that Sarah Palin picture? I just want to make sure I put plenty of bubble wrap on it… Thanks. I’ve got to hurry because Spicer is still paying for the U-Haul and he’ll be here in a little bit to help me load all this up. But, he’s got to be at work in the morning at Chuck E. Cheese… he just loves wearing those costumes for the kids! (looks around office) Yeah, I think they’re going to use this to store some sort of audio equipment… I think it’s a project that Bannon, Conway, Kushner, and Kislyak were working on… something about archives…

Franklin: Alrighty, then. So, how do you feel about this whole thing that went down over the last six months? Especially, the deal with Scaramucci? I mean, folks were saying you had it pretty rough here- I mean a lot of emasculating and belittling from The Don…

Priebus: (sniffling) Oh, no, like things have been totally great… I mean, I’m just tired of all the winning… totally, winning! It’s been such an honor and no one’s treated me with any disrespect. I mean, look, all those rumors about-

Franklin: Hey, sorry to cut you off, but I’ve got this flea right near my ass that I just can’t reach… Yeah, get it off for me…

Priebus: Yes, Mr. Franklin. Right away, sir.

Franklin: Good boy, Reince! Okay, where were we?

Priebus: (putting dead flea in trash can) I was saying that everyone has treated me beautifully, well, except for the fake news media. Melania, our First Lady, always made sure I had clean drinking water and Bannon let me eat his leftover pot pies. Golly, even VP Pence would come by once a week to pray with me. He always mumbled a lot, so I wasn’t sure what he was actually praying for. Even Mr. Trump made sure I was safe. He would make me wear this (holds up fetish ball-gag) to make sure I didn’t say anything that would get me in trouble… Yeah, I’m going to pack that in the box with the handcuffs and denim dress that Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave me… really, they’ve been good to me. I mean, Bannon called me “Reek” once, but I’m pretty sure he was just joking…

Franklin: Wow. Ok. So, why was Scaramucci so mad at you?

Priebus: The Mooch is really a meanie… I mean I can’t think of anyone I’ve ever met that acts like he does…

Franklin: No one? Are you f*cking kidding me, Reince?

Priebus: (sobbing) Oh, please, don’t… language like that hurts my feelings…

Franklin: So, Scaramucci said you were a leaker. Is that true?

Priebus: Never! I mean, when Mr. Trump wants someone to leak on him, he usually does it at the hotel… Ooops, I didn’t mean to say that… Is that recorder on? Well, it doesn’t really matter now, I suppose.

Franklin: Yeah, well… So, we’re almost done here. Can you clean up that little mess I made in the corner while we were talking?

Priebus: Of course, Mr. Franklin, right away, sir. (he cleans up dog poop and disposes of it)

Franklin: Scaramucci is really a piece of work… I can’t believe what he said about Bannon sucking his own c*ck, can you?

Priebus: (mumbling) If I could do that, I’d never leave the house…

Franklin: What?

Priebus: Nothing. Mr. Franklin, nothing. (takes pill) I really can’t talk about the Mooch anymore, m doctor says it gives me tremors which is why I’m taking these pills as long as I can keep my insurance.

Franklin: Well, I know you did your best for the short time you were here. It’s got to be tough working in this kind of environment after you sold all your morals and principles to the highest bidder. So, what do you plan to do after you leave here?

Priebus: Yeah, I never really had all those principles… once I saw Trump was going to win, I just decided that I better get on board… But, yeah, Spicey and I are thinking of working for CNN. I mean, after they hired Jeffery Lorde, we figure they will hire pretty much anyone.

Franklin: Good idea. So, give me a few of those pills for the road, Reince.

Priebus: Yes, Mr. Franklin. (gives him half the bottle of pills)

Franklin: Good boy, Reince. So, do you need anything else before I leave?

Priebus: No, Mr. Franklin. (horn honks repeatedly outside) Oh, that must be Sean…

Scaramucci: (from a distance) What the mother fuck is that? You f*cking c*cksucker son of a b*tch, leaning on your f*cking horn in the middle of the night- I’ll f*cking kill you and sh*t down your throat…

Priebus: (crying) Make it stop! I can’t take anymore! Hurry, Sean… Please, Sean, hurry, don’t let him do it to me again…

Franklin: Alrighty, well, thanks for the oxy’s… I gotta roll, Rience. Oh, don’t forget to pay the bill I’m sending you for the tape, boxes, and my time…

Scaramucci: Is that you making all that fucking racket, Reince? I’ll cut your f*cking balls off, you f*cking limp d*ck, gimp!!!

Priebus: (sobbing uncontrollably) Yes, Mr. Franklin… yes… please, Sean, hurry, I need you… please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me…  all I wanted was to make America great again… please, hurry Sean… we can make a new life together…

Spicer: I’m here, Reince, Spicey’s going to make it all better… There you go, it’s all going to be ok. Don Lemon will be so nice to you, I promise…

The Hustle Generation

Elizabeth Dawson, Contributor

I recently read an article that says that millennial women suffer from what is called the “confidence gap”. Really? I have read more articles and seen more videos that say we are self-entitled brats. So which is it? Neither really.

We are the generation that demands our turn at the wheel. You can call us self-entitled if you want but we are driving business. And our drive has nothing to do with entitlement, it has to do with achievement. But not achievement for the sake of achievement. Achievement with a nod toward the greater good.

Our turn at the wheel may include a beater that we drive back to work every day to our own business but as long as we can put “founder” behind our name, then we are good.

Our parents and grandparents worshipped shopping malls and marveled at big box stores and participated and bought stock in corporate greed. Which harkens to a favorite line in one of the movies I enjoy, “Former hippies turned yuppies pedaling crap for the masses.” Yep, those were our parents. We, the millennials, have turned away from that line of thinking and believe in smaller brands that tell a story and believe in value over quality and ethics over greed.

So what is society’s answer to their mourning over TGI Friday’s? To call us narcissistic, self-entitled brats who have won too many participation trophies. Please hold while we millennials pause over this criticism… okay, we’re good.

We are not going to apologize for bypassing Applebees for Blue Apron or for skipping the dive bar for a place with discerning taste in adult beverages. And by believing in brands that care about sourcing and ethics, we are actually less selfish than our predecessors. You know because we give a crap for other people and don’t want Indonesian children putting together our clothes.

This desire pushes us to strike out and build a company or seek a job with a purpose. A now because of this push from our generation, workforces are changing the way they do business. Have they suddenly seen the light and want to walk away from the corporate greed that drove the 90s? No but with a generation the size of the baby boomers making up the current workforce, they really don’t have a choice.

So ignore the haters and power on hustlers and conscious consumers. It’s time to power on. Welcome to the Hustle Generation.

Little Donny Two Scoops’ War Against Science

Jerry Waters, Contributor

Prior to conning half the US population into voting him into the presidency, Trump tossed around the bullshit idea that climate change was nothing more than a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. On several occasions, he would tweet about winter storm events and claim that they were definitive proof of the aforementioned and mysteriously elaborate Chinese conspiracy. Given Trump’s adoration of the fossil fuel industry, his juvenile statements are not surprising, just indescribably pathetic.

Before he took office, scientists were scrambling to preserve findings and data to ensure that his amazingly dumb ass wouldn’t destroy decades of research and plunge America into a deeper anti-intellectual dark age.

However, even Hair Fuhrer decided it would look good to sensible, non-Trumpian Americans if he pretended to at least explore the concept. So, he met with Al Gore and said he’d “keep an open mind”, but that he still viewed the concept with great skepticism. That’s his clever code for “fuck the environment if I, or my golf buddies, can make a buck.”

Which brings us to Trump’s latest head-shaking shenanigans, where he rubber-stamped Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s reassignment of 50 career officials, including Joel Clement, the agency’s top climate change analyst. Clement has since filed a whistleblower complaint against the Interior Department alleging that he was reassigned to accounting (yeah, that’s right, fucking accounting) for “speaking out publicly about the dangers that climate change poses to Alaska Native communities”.

The ridiculous orange narcissist also believes that vaccines cause autism, windmills are bad for people’s health, environmentally-friendly lightbulbs cause cancer, asbestos is great, and that coal is so bigly clean. There are probably many more ignorant delusions held deeply by Trump, but we don’t have the time to sort through each one of his bizarre, unfounded, or demonstrably insane beliefs.

To be clear, Trump hates facts. He really despises science because science is nothing more than the interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of facts to study the world through observation and experimentation. Scientific fact remains true whether you believe in it or not. Science doesn’t care about your selfish profit obsessions or your professions of faith or your unhealthy addiction to confirmation bias.

What Trump learned during his “Art of the Bullshit Real-Estate Deal” days was that most people were inclined to believe almost anything if they thought it might profit them. That’s why so much surrounding the real estate business is a scam. Properties aren’t sold based on what they’re quantitatively worth, they’re sold based on the buyer’s perception of worth. That’s why facts are Orange Mussolini’s anathema… maybe he can ask Bannon what that word means.

This is precisely why Trump can’t accept science: You can’t sell over-priced property without hyperbole, immense exaggeration, and worthless promises that it will surely double in value. Trump shows us daily that you don’t have to be smart to sell people bullshit and have them come back asking for another helping.

So, it’s up to us to continue to pursue facts and expand our scientific understanding. Our species and our planet are counting on us. Once Trump gets impeached or his term expires, it’s going to take a bunch of work to correct the damage he has done.

Little Donny Two-Scoops’ war against science is nothing more than the incoherent ravings of a greedy and profoundly selfish man-child. He’s given the ignorant credibility by giving belief the same standing as evidence. Well, the fact is that this man is a danger to our planet and that no one, not even the great Twitler, can win against science.

As Einstein said, “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” Well, after watching Trump in action, we have no choice but to concur.

It’s Just a Bill

Charles Miller, Contributor

Once again, our esteemed leader took to twitter to blame Democratic obstruction for the failure of the Obama Care repeal and replace effort.

It’s time to assign home work in Mr. Miller’s summer school remedial class in American Government.  Don’t worry, it will be easy and the answers will be provided, so Donny won’t fail again.

  1. Q: If the Republican Party holds a majority in the senate, how many votes of Democrats and Independents are needed to pass a bill?

    A: Zero.

  2. Q: When President Trump claims that Democrats in the Senate are preventing passage of a Republican sponsored bill, is he:
    a) Ignorant
    b) Relying on the ignorance of his supporters
    c) a and b

    A: c)

Watch the following video and be prepared for a quiz in tomorrow’s class.


The Eighth of November

Elizabeth Dawson, Contributor

Remember, remember!

The eighth of November,

The obfuscation, treason and plot;

I know of no reason

Why the Russian treason

Should ever be forgot!

Donny Trump and his companions

Did the scheme contrive,

To blow up the Democratic system

All up alive.

Information handed over,

To prove old America’s overthrow.

But, by great providence, him they catch,

With a trail of money, lies and covfefe!

A nation at stake

For Democracy’s sake!

If you won’t give me truth,

Mueller will be the sleuth,

The better for me,

And the worse for you,

Impeach, Impeach

Run him out of town,

A pint of beer to wash the treason down.

Boys! Boys! Make the bells ring!

G-d Bless America! We shall sing!

Pardon Me!

Charles Miller, Contributor

The never-ending story of the connections and collusion between Russia and President Trump has shifted to discussion of Presidential pardons with the pundits speculating on the possibility that Mr. Trump might even pardon himself.  The President may legally pardon anyone for anything, but how might that turn out in this unprecedented situation? (If you are reading this Mr. President, note the spelling in the last sentence and that sentence meaning a structured collection of words, and a prison term are spelled the same.)

Pardons may seem the perfect solution but none of them will turn out well for him in the long run.  Don’t get your hopes up though, the President will not be changing his made in China Trump menswear for an orange jumpsuit.

Preemptive pardons are not out of the question and are not unprecedented; Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon before criminal charges were brought in the wake of his resignation resulting from Watergate, a crime that was mere college prank compared to (allegedly) conspiring with a foreign government to influence an election.  Pardons issued by President Trump or his successor might be challenged but would probably be upheld and there are several conceivable scenarios where pardons might be used as the Russian collusion saga plays out.

Scenario I: Pardons could be issued in the event that any of the players in this House of Cards worthy drama is convicted on criminal charges.  That course of action has the least political risk and would be very likely upheld if challenged on the grounds that President Trump is a co-conspirator or some other issue of legal standing.  If the President takes good legal advice, that is if his counsel offers it which is somewhat doubtful, this would be the most rational course of action.  But Trump, being Trump a thorough narcissist with all the respect and understanding of the law of a D student with a ninth-grade education, it is likely he believes his denials and defections will hold up even when all his rationalizations and alibis are falling apart.

Scenario II: The President could issue preemptive pardons either before or after criminal charges are brought. This play has the risks associated with the first scenario and takes the Fifth Amendment off the board. The protection against giving testimony that might self- incriminate is gone when no criminal charges can apply and a witness who refuses to testify or is untruthful could then be charged with lying under oath and obstruction of justice.  Tricky Dick Nixon didn’t try this gambit because of the risks involved, even when several of his co-conspirators were convicted in the botched burglary of the DNC offices in the Watergate, the 1970’s equivalent of hacking emails.   Ronald Reagan didn’t use it either, when Oliver North went to prison for selling arms to Iran and drugs to the Sandinistas.  But both of those situations involved players like North and G. Gordon Liddy who were prepared to serve time, unlike the men involved in the Russian collusion.  Even John Dean had much more resolve than can be observed in the current President’s men.

Scenario III: Trump rage-quits in a tweet. There is no need to elaborate on this scenario except to point out the Pence would issue the pardons and the GOP establishment would sigh with bigly relief and repair to some private location other than Mar-a-Lago to celebrate.

‘Merica, the deplorable!

A poem by Franklin, twentytwentynews.com poet laureate

Note: As a matter of unplanned and uncanny coincidence, this can be sung to the tune of “America, the beautiful!”

O deplorable for bigly lies

From orange man insane,

For allowing all his travesties-

He’s fruity and that’s plain!

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, ‘Merica!

Your brain abandoned thee,

When you voted for a shyster clown

It’s plain for all to see!


O deplorable for tiny hand

That tweets at every turn,

Babbling throughout the land

He’ll make our country burn!

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, ‘Merica!

We hope our children see,

It’s up to them to fix this mess-

What we did so stupidly!


O deplorable to build a wall

And think it makes us great.

To heed the orange racist’s call

And revel in his hate!

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, Merica!

Extract thy head from ass!

‘Til we vanquish Tweeting Trump-

His covfefe is too crass!


O deplorable for Russia’s hug

And non-disclosure pacts,

You’re lower than a garden slug

When alt-right makes alt-facts!

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, Merica!

How many verses in this song?

You thought you knew

But slept in school

And showed again you’re wrong!


O deplorable for doing this

And shooting off thy face!

So, how did this all go amiss

To put Trump in this place?

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, ‘Merica!

Impeach this bloody fool!

We can’t go on

With Two-Scoop Don,

It’s heinous and it’s cruel!


O deplorable, your party fail

For electing such a chump!

History will tell the tale

Of lying, corrupt Trump!

Oh, Merica! Oh, Merica!

Let’s hope this lesson sticks!

We led the way

‘Til this ingrate.

Now, the world just thinks we’re dicks!


O deplorable, you whining bitch

Your privilege is so white!

You screw the poor to help the rich.

How do you sleep at night?

Oh, ‘Merica! Oh, ‘Merica!

What happened to your pride?

We must resist

And we persist…

We want off this Trump-shit ride!

Civil asset forfeiture is just legal theft

Clete Wetli, Contributor

Although most everyone in America agrees that the War on Drugs has been a tragic failure, Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to reinvigorate every aspect of it including the much derided D.A.R.E. program and, most alarming, the expansion of civil asset forfeiture by police.  For those unfamiliar with civil asset forfeiture, it’s the ability of law enforcement to confiscate money or property they believe was obtained through criminal means even if the suspect has not been charged or found guilty of a crime.

Essentially, the police claim is against the money or property itself and not against the criminal suspect, which means that for a person to retrieve their money or property they must prove that these things were acquired legally. Well, so much for “innocent until proven guilty”!

Over the last several years, there has been bipartisan support to curtail civil asset forfeiture because studies have shown that it is abused regularly by law enforcement and because of cases that have gained notoriety showing just how difficult and expensive it is for innocent people to recover their money or property.

In some states, like Alabama, the only thing law enforcement needs to confiscate assets is to meet the legal low bar of “probable cause”. Worse, law enforcement agencies are incentivized to engage in these forfeitures because they get to keep the lion’s share of the money. In most cases, the forfeitures are never challenged due to the significant expenses involved, the substantial burden of proof on the plaintiff, and the time it takes to have the case heard in court.

This whole misguided idea was part of the War on Drugs’ strategy to penalize suspected drug dealers by having a legal mechanism to seize their ill-gotten gains. But, like so many aspects of the Drug War, it was an assault on constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties. Things like no-knock warrants, racial profiling, excessive sentencing, and legally ambiguous entrapment and surveillance.

After spending mountains of money on the War on Drugs, America finally realized that the only thing they had to show for their effort was a prison system bursting at the seams and a law enforcement community that looked like military Stormtroopers that increasingly shoot first and asked questions later. During the Obama years, there became bipartisan support to spend more resources on drug treatment instead of mass incarceration. Also, many of the laws that were passed during the War on Drugs were repealed, softened, or dramatically changed to ensure fairness in the judicial process.

All of this long overdue progress came to a screeching halt when Trump picked Jeff Sessions as his Attorney General. Much like the advocates of abstinence-only sex education, Sessions doesn’t rely on evidence-based practices or analytical studies for his policy agenda, instead he relies almost exclusively on his archaic instincts and prejudices. Further, Sessions hasn’t the least bit of compassion and views the criminal justice system as a mechanism to deliver only the harshest punishments.

So, it’s not a surprise that Sessions would attempt to reverse the tidal wave of restrictions that are being placed on civil asset forfeiture in most states. Who knows, maybe he’ll be advocating tar and feathering next.

It’s time that we put some common sense into our nation’s struggle with substance abuse. It’s time that we start holding police accountable for their misdeeds when they occur. As a nation, we cannot afford to revive the epic failures of the War on Drugs. A good place to start would be to eliminate civil asset forfeiture altogether and only seize assets in the case of criminal convictions. Isn’t that what the Constitution was referring to in the first place?

Right now, civil asset forfeiture is nothing more than government sponsored theft regardless of its intention. Yeah, we remember the name of the road that’s paved with those intentions, don’t we?

AL Senator Scofield Knows What You Need – INTERNET

Charles Miller, Contributor

Alabama State Senator Clay Scofield (R SD-9) recently doubled down on his intention to introduce legislation promoting rural broadband, a plan he has been working on for years.  It’s the number one priority in his legislative agenda despite everything his constituents are struggling with every day.

Scofield was present at several “listen sessions” where his constituents brought up a lot of issues they think are important and the topics foremost on their minds.  The issues they raised were noteworthy, so I kept a list, and faster internet wasn’t among the top five, or ten, or fifteen.  But faster internet seems to be most important to Scofield; I have to wonder why.

The hard-working people of Senate District Nine are concerned about paying the bills, the high cost of education, lack of access to affordable health care, crumbling roads and bridges, and polluted water.  They are worried about the epidemic of opioid addiction and the low standard of living and downward mobility so many are experiencing.  They are worried about how much a trip to a doctor costs. Keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table is a struggle for many when families need three or four jobs to make ends meet.  Too many of them are scrambling to make the next installment on a pay-day loan they took out to pay the utility bill months ago. Forget about college for the children, it’s too far out of reach without student loans that will bankrupt them when those students cannot find a job.

We all must get to work and make enough to pay the bills (maybe not Senator Scofield) so faster internet won’t be a very high priority. Well maybe, if like Senator Scofield, you have all the necessities covered; if you, like Senator Scofield, have plenty of money and few responsibilities.

The Roman dictators gave the people bread and circus. High-speed internet is just circus, no bread, to distract people who will soon be reduced to survival in a high-tech hovel, eyes glued to screens that are nothing more than high-definition pacifiers.  I suppose that’s why the Senator thinks it’s important, to keep the voters distracted.

You should ask yourself, if you don’t make a living wage, how will you pay for super-duper fast-as-lightening internet?  If you can barely afford dial-up, are you going to skip the car payment to hook up to a 200 mbps cable? Obviously not.

How about this for a plan?  First pass legislation that improves the day-to- day lives of the average family, makes higher education affordable, gets heath care facilities reopened, new industries started, cleans up the rivers, – get that done before the economy of the region collapses, then I’ll be all for the “Internet So Fast It Will Make Your Head Spin Act”.  I’ll write it.

The real and present danger of Artificial Intelligence

Jerry Waters, Contributor

Growing up, I saved all summer for a Commodore 64 computer and learned BASIC so I could program it to randomly generate numbers for my characters in Dungeons and Dragons. Now, mentioning the Commodore 64 is a quaint anachronism as we have the modern capability to talk to our cell phone supercomputers and they can pinpoint our location anywhere on earth.  Our technologies are growing exponentially and average people are having a hard time keeping up and understanding the myriad of complex consequences.

Recently, Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, gave a dire warning about the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) because he believes that the technology is expanding faster than we can regulate it or fathom the potential dangers.

I may date myself here, but Hollywood tried to warn us with films like 2001: A Space Odyssey and War Games. We’ve also had similar ethical debates regarding genetic engineering and cloning. In fact, I just read somewhere that there’s a doctor ready to perform the world’s first human head transplant. To be honest, aside from it being existentially creepy, I’m not real sure how I feel about that and I haven’t even begun to untangle the messy legal and ethical implications involved in such a procedure.

One thing I know is that we can open a Pandora’s box unintentionally if we don’t establish regulations and processes based on sound ethics and solid legal principles. I also know that it’s worth the investment to enforce these regulations and processes or we’ll be watching the reality television version of Frankenstein.

AI has the potential to help humans beyond their wildest dreams or to become the nightmare from which we never wake. I’ve used Siri in my iPhone to recommend restaurants and to snarkily ask, “What did the fox say?” Obviously, the technology is in its infancy. What happens when terrorists decide to use it create a computer super virus? What happens if AI designers develop a system that becomes self-aware and determines that mankind is a threat to its survival?

How much should AI be able to interface with other technologies and why? Is someone planning on a human brain/ AI hybrid?

We know what can happen if we don’t take the time to answer these questions. Aren’t we still dealing with the consequences of the proliferation of nuclear weapons? When you get right down to the crux of the matter, aren’t most of our current human conflicts over who controls the fossil fuels that power our current technologies?

Elon Musk is adamant that we do something now because “by the time we are reactive in AI regulation, it’s too late”.  It’s noteworthy that other leading human intelligence echoes his concerns, folks like Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates. The big questions they ponder are: 1) Who controls the technology to determine its impact?,  2) How do we prevent them from becoming completely autonomous?, and 3) How do we prevent them from fighting humanity?

Certainly, it’s easy to dismiss all of this as hyped-up fear, but the technology exists right now. With all the hacking that’s been dominating our headlines, how do we know this information will stay secure and not fall into the hands of some James Bond archetypal villain?

As Alex Morritt put it, “Whoever perceives that robots and artificial intelligence are merely here to serve humanity, think again. With virtual domestic assistants and driverless cars just the latest in a growing list of applications, it is we humans who risk becoming dumbed down and ultimately subservient to machines.”

After this last disaster of a presidential election, it’s hard to argue against that point.  In the meantime, I’m going to use the app on my phone to check my refrigerator live-feed video to see if I need to buy more milk while I’m out.