GOP sells the last of its soul to Trump

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Clete Wetli, Contributor

As disgusted Americans watch the media label each ensuing week as the ‘worst’ in Trump’s chaotic and destructive fledgling presidency, it’s also worth noting that the GOP has collectively shown that it has sold the last of its conflicted soul to Trump to appease his angry white, immovable base. It began during the campaign when Republican leaders failed to loudly condemn Trump’s incessant racism and sexism, and gleefully ignored his daily tempest of bold, outrageous lies.

The GOP has decided that scrupulous statesmanship only exists in direct proportion to opinion polling. Republicans have abandoned moral principles to cater to the basest of their base.

What strange times these are when Trump’s business advisory council resigns in protest over racist remarks, but Trump’s evangelical advisors remain to announce they are increasingly confident that the Almighty has personally chosen the Orange Duck-tailed One as America’s savior!

This goes beyond AG Jeff Sessions weird explanation of ‘pussy grabbing’ or Speaker Paul Ryan’s observations on the definition of racism during the Judge Curiel fiasco that fell on Republicans deaf ears. This speaks to a horrible truth that Democrats have known for some time. Republicans want to make sure that they keep the bigot vote. They want the sexist vote. They need the votes of craven people who don’t give a shit about anything or anyone so long as they’re making piles of money. Trump was perfectly clear in his intent when he called out to ‘the poorly educated’ because he knew he could buy their votes with a cheap red hat.

This is not only a larger portion of the GOP base than anyone cares to acknowledge, but they desperately want to continue to keep the nation focused on identity politics and endless war against global terrorists predicated on paranoia and exacerbated by xenophobia. In practice, it’s why Trump is fueling this national debate over Confederate statues. We know that it’s monumental stupidity, but while we’re busy fighting this racial nonsense, the Democratic plan for a ‘Better Deal’ has been drowned in the cacophony.

Of course, we should demand that Confederate statues be removed, but we’ve also got to highlight the Democratic plan for economic growth, better education, and ensuring equality through humane policy and good governance. Democrats cannot become the mirror image of Republicans by simply running against the symbolic image of Trump and his delusional, self-centered minions.

We’ve seen the evils of populism in the era of Trump as evidenced by a morally bankrupt Republican party. Democrats, indeed, must stand by their principles and give voters a compelling reason to vote for progress instead of merely rallying oppositional support to obstruct Trump’s regressive agenda.

The now soul-less Republican party will continue to support Trump until it’s physically impossible to lower the bar any further. Yet, Democrats will only be able to take advantage of this if they have a positive, sensible plan expressed with simple, powerful messaging.

The GOP will continue its attack on Democrats with ‘weapons of mass distraction’, but we must resist and not fall into their cynical and twisted traps.

It may sound melodramatic, but this has become a political fight that will redefine the existential meaning of America for generations. Liberals should take a new and detailed look at FDR’s policy and messaging. It’s time to take our Democratic soul back from Wall Street. Liberals should discover ways to control the narrative proactively. Liberals can’t play defense anymore and expect to win. Liberals should own their moniker and lead decisively.

The Republicans have sold their soul to Trump and draw their strength from cynicism, skepticism, deception, and division. Let’s call them out on their bullshit, but more importantly, let’s give America something to believe in again.

Our greatest enemy is apathy borne out of self-imposed defeatism for feeling that nothing can change for the better.

Alabama Democrats: “Summer of Revival” or another “Summer of Denial”?

Clete Wetli, Contributor

As an active, life-long, and proud Democrat living in Alabama, there’s no easy way to say this, but folks, we are seriously getting our asses kicked. Yeah, I know the history of how it happened and how the hatred of Obama, Pelosi, and all things liberal keep the GOP momentum going like the plague in the Dark Ages- but, it seems like we’re not doing our very best to stop the unrelenting red carnage.

Oh, you think it’s the “Summer of Revival” for Democrats in Alabama?

Just take a second and look at the Alabama Democratic Party website and click on all the headers. Spend a few minutes and just look the whole thing over with some scrutiny. Now you may need an adult beverage before you take this next step, but now, pull up the Alabama Republican Party website. Hmmm.  So, put your politics aside for a second and ask yourself which site looks better and ask yourself who is communicating an effective message.

Alright, maybe you really need two adult beverages after looking at all that! Look, I’m not trying to be inflammatory or just stir things up for no reason here, but this is shameful and it’s easily fixable. Alabama Democrats just have to find the collective will to make it happen.

Unfortunately, this “Summer of Revival” appears to be another “Summer of Denial” where we don’t hold our State Party leadership accountable for presenting a compelling and concise message that makes Alabama voters want to enthusiastically vote for Democratic candidates. The widespread denial isn’t even really the worst part. The worst part is the tepid and implicit apology lingering in the narrative that somehow this is our best effort and that we’re comfortable accepting our impending defeat because we’re outnumbered and outgunned.

Democrats across the state have spent the last few years protesting every embarrassing and regressive policy and law that has been supported by the Republicans. That’s ok I suppose, but it’s been largely ineffectual. Sadly, the one place where we should be protesting, and possibly getting arrested for disturbing the peace, is in front of the next State Executive Committee demanding the resignations of Worley and Reed. Well, unless you’re still in denial that we even have a problem or like making apologies for their obvious lack of leadership.

The tragedy is that no one is screaming, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Instead, it’s a very civil and patient acknowledgement of incompetence that leads to the scheduling of another meeting to patiently and civilly acknowledge more incompetence. In between these meetings, there’s likely a march or protest you can attend that will help you feel like you’re making a difference while you preach to the faithful.

I have to admit that I got a little excited when I first heard of this “Summer of Revival” coming to the Alabama Democrats, even if the religious reference made me gag a little. But since the announcement, there’s been no noise, no media, no feeling of renewed energy, and it all seems like another dying gasp for relevance.

The truth is that before we can become competitive again, we’ve got to get our act together. We can’t win trying to be Republican-lite and we can’t win accepting incompetent or mediocre leadership. We’ve got be clear about what we stand for and why.

What the hell is the message? Why is it not on the website and on bumper stickers in every county?

Folks, this is a fight for our survival and it’s high time that we get enraged and engaged. If this is truly the “Summer of Revival”, then what is it exactly that we’re reviving?

Maybe, what we need is some anger and a renewed commitment to the core values that made us the Party of the People in the first place. No more excuses, no more apologies, no more denial.