The Hustle Generation

Elizabeth Dawson, Contributor

I recently read an article that says that millennial women suffer from what is called the “confidence gap”. Really? I have read more articles and seen more videos that say we are self-entitled brats. So which is it? Neither really.

We are the generation that demands our turn at the wheel. You can call us self-entitled if you want but we are driving business. And our drive has nothing to do with entitlement, it has to do with achievement. But not achievement for the sake of achievement. Achievement with a nod toward the greater good.

Our turn at the wheel may include a beater that we drive back to work every day to our own business but as long as we can put “founder” behind our name, then we are good.

Our parents and grandparents worshipped shopping malls and marveled at big box stores and participated and bought stock in corporate greed. Which harkens to a favorite line in one of the movies I enjoy, “Former hippies turned yuppies pedaling crap for the masses.” Yep, those were our parents. We, the millennials, have turned away from that line of thinking and believe in smaller brands that tell a story and believe in value over quality and ethics over greed.

So what is society’s answer to their mourning over TGI Friday’s? To call us narcissistic, self-entitled brats who have won too many participation trophies. Please hold while we millennials pause over this criticism… okay, we’re good.

We are not going to apologize for bypassing Applebees for Blue Apron or for skipping the dive bar for a place with discerning taste in adult beverages. And by believing in brands that care about sourcing and ethics, we are actually less selfish than our predecessors. You know because we give a crap for other people and don’t want Indonesian children putting together our clothes.

This desire pushes us to strike out and build a company or seek a job with a purpose. A now because of this push from our generation, workforces are changing the way they do business. Have they suddenly seen the light and want to walk away from the corporate greed that drove the 90s? No but with a generation the size of the baby boomers making up the current workforce, they really don’t have a choice.

So ignore the haters and power on hustlers and conscious consumers. It’s time to power on. Welcome to the Hustle Generation.

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