Trump Response to Puerto Rico is Simply Deranged

Clete Wetli, Contributor

It’s tough to accept that there are still so many stupid peoples in our country that worship at the gaudy sham altar of Trump, but even if you’ve only got two brain cells to rub together, then you must admit that his shitty tweets to the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico are literally deranged. There is no justification or excuse for Trump’s words. There’s no apology or media spin that makes it any better.

We’ve painfully endured his obvious incompetence and unbridled narcissism for almost a year. We’ve watched the verbal diarrhea of lies spew from his lips every day since he soiled the oath of office. We’ve gasped as he and his staff have violated every code of ethics and sullied every governmental promise. Yet, his juvenile tweets disparaging the Americans in Puerto Rico has fully shown that his low has no limits, and that his conscience is nonexistent.

Donald Trump is legitimately and irreparably mentally ill. Professionals know this but don’t want to say for fear of political retribution. In your heart, you know this, too. He requires mental health care, and due to his age, it’s not likely to make any substantive difference. He is consumed with pathological narcissism (See DSM-V diagnosis) and he has no real, workable sense of morality. Trump has always been this way in his past and will always be this way until he dies. Aside from his twisted affection for his eldest daughter, Trump shows no love or loyalty to anyone but himself.

People are suffering and dying in Puerto Rico. Trump hasn’t listened to them and he is failing to help them. He’s made excuses and he’s pretended, like always, that his efforts have been a success in the face of all evidence to the contrary. Fuck, he’s angrily blaming the victims of a hurricane that destroyed an entire island. He’s vilifying a leader who’s waded through floodwaters to help her people. He’s beyond disgusting, beyond wrong.

He is ostensibly a fraud and truly a despicable human being. Folks can try to explain away his reprehensible past, but they’ll never be able to justify what he’s doing now. He is not worthy of an ounce of respect and he defiles the presidency. He is nothing more than a bully and nothing less than vulgar entitled prick.

After the charlatan was elected, so many people implored me to give him a chance; swearing that he would rise somehow to the demands of leadership. I honestly had no choice and I watched with deep skepticism. At every turn, he not only failed, he found new ways to profane our democracy and the institutions we hold dear. With Trump, there have been many straws that would break any animal’s back, but Puerto Rico is now the thing that truly shows the deep affliction of his character and the emptiness of his soul.

There is no redemption for Trump. No way to make it better. People are dying and suffering and he could care less about their plight. He is a cruel joke that shows the world the worst of our country and what happens when self-governance is placed in the hands of fools.

Half of our country didn’t even bother to vote. Half don’t even know that the people of Puerto Rico are Americans. They, like Trump, don’t really give a shit about anything but themselves. Trump knows better, but chooses only to do whatever will play to his base and bolster his brand. This is Trump’s America and it shows how fragile our democracy is and why we must never let this happen again.

My heart goes out to Puerto Rico. We must never forget Trump’s response. Hopefully, this is a turning point for our nation.

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