Trump’s Sodomization of Evangelical Christianity

Jerry Waters, Contributor

Irony is a weak and wanting description of the raunchy affair that Evangelical Christians are having with a man whose immorality is breathtaking and his ethics groundbreakingly perverse, the boorish Chauvinist, Donald Trump. He’s not simply the political religious hypocrite we’ve come to expect, he’s metaphorically, deliberately, and enthusiastically sodomizing Evangelical Christianity. The sad part is that they love every minute of it and they’re begging for more.

This was obvious at the Value Voters Summit recently that featured keynote speaker, Trump. The Summit was sponsored by the Family Research Council, which has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of its relentless and bigoted attacks on the LGBTQ community. In fact, the material handed out at the event featured a pamphlet titled, “The Health Hazards of Homosexuality” designed to stir up animus against people with different gender and sexual identities. In Trumpian fashion, they have attacked the SPLC calling it, wait for it, a hate group.

Trump’s big nugget of wisdom was to announce that in America “We don’t worship government, we worship God” and that thanks to his unmatched covfefe, we can all say, “Merry Christmas” again. He said this malarkey during the same week he yanked insurance subsidies and allowed junk healthcare plans to flood the market. He’s just so Christian and it shows. Michelle Bachman said so when she pointed out that, when religious zealots ask Trump to pray, he unconvincingly says, “Sure”.

Evangelical Christians have invited Trump’s sodomy because they care more about amassing political power than the values they pretend to promote. If they sincerely held these solid, traditional Christian beliefs, then there is no conceivable way they could ever align with Trump. Even under the poor excuse of “all have sinned/ no one is perfect”, Trump remains an repentant heretic on every imaginable level. A cursory examination of his business practices, his personal life, his political agenda, or his media career all show him to be a horny, lying secularist whose only interests are juvenilely selfish and self-aggrandizing. Yet, the most vocally pious beg for him to defile them in the most obscene and public ways.

The Evangelicals are allowing Trump to sodomize their belief system because of their warped interpretation of the meaning of religious liberty and their unquenchable thirst for political power. To them, it is not the right of others to worship or not as they choose, it is, instead, the divinely granted right to discriminate and hate others that do not conform to their rigid religious beliefs and practices. In its most perfunctory form, it is unabashed condescension and, in its most vile form, it is the institutionalization of legal prejudice and enforced inequality.

People of faith should see this unholy tryst with Trump as a clear sign that their church is in peril. They should abhor how Trump has usurped religiosity for his own nefarious purpose. Instead, they seem to be swallowing his gilded bullshit with a long-handled spoon, praying that America will become a white Christian-only summer camp.

As horrible as Trump is as a person, it is diminished by the sins of Evangelical Christian leaders who are eagerly selling out their morality and ethics to an obvious charlatan. They prey upon the stupidity of their followers and they demonize others because they intrinsically know that’s what keeps their coffers full.

The Evangelicals are upset that church attendance keeps falling, but maybe they should look to their own leadership for the answers. Allowing Trump to pretend he is a person of faith may be the single most detrimental event for modern Christianity.

People of faith must open their eyes and say no to Trump. Agnostics and atheists must recognize the real and present danger that Trump and his strange bedfellows pose to America. They must come to the realization that he is the antithesis of all their values and ideals.

In the meantime, the sodomy will continue and the religious right will cherish its role as Trump’s subservient whore.

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